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Just a few fun things to get to know me :)

Favorite color: green

Favorite people to spend time with: My Husband, My daughter

Favorite tv show: Antiques Roadshow

Favorite restaurant: Carrabbas

Favorite author: Suze Ormon (I like factual reading material. She writes financial books.)

Favorite holiday - Halloween

Favorite season - Autumn

Favorite places to shop - Amazon, Walmart, LL Bean

If I could spend the day with any star I would pick: Wil Smith or Ellen DeGenerous (I couldn't decide)

What I like to collect: Pandora Charm Beads and G1 My Little Ponies

Things I like to do: Go to Yard Sales!! - spending time with family and friends - shopping - being outdoors

Pets: Lucky the dog, Spooky the Cat, Helio the cat, Moto the cat

What I'm looking forward to the most: Watching my daughter grow up.

I'm looking forward to finding out fun, interesting things about your students as well!